Do you worry that you will not match in residency despite all the hard work you have put in because your USMLE scores are low?

Have you emailed doctors in many different hospitals for US clinical experience and research opportunities but have never gotten any (or positive) replies?

Are you constantly worried about how will you be able to get strong US letters of recommendation before your application is due?

I know what you are going through because I have felt it too. I started my USMLE  to residency journey in 2007. I moved to US and began preparing for USMLE. I was very optimistic until I got my  USMLE scores. It was so bad that I had lost all hopes of ever matching.  My friends and people on forums told me to consider other career options. I was not ready to give up yet. This is when I started working on myself and my application systematically to highlight the good parts so the red flags don’t appear as bad. When I finally applied for residency, I was screened out of most programs based on USMLE score cut offs. But I managed to get 11 interviews, 1 pre-match which I did not accept and went on to match at my first choice program.  

Guide to Successful Match for IMGs

This is why I created this website. I want to help  IMGs with low scores to learn to highlight other aspects of their application a maximize chances of matching in their dream residency. 

I get asked all the time by the friends back home regarding advise on USMLE, externships/observerships, clinical research, interview preparation and personal statement help. I see some common misconceptions and mistakes IMGs make that I was making when I first started.

You have taken the right step to seek out information from experts who have traveled this road before you. My aim is to make IMGs the most competitive residency applicants, no matter what their USMLE scores are.

Residency Match Tips for IMGs

The most important thing to remember is not to lose hope and keep boosting your application. What very few people accept is everyone has something missing in their CV. Some have low scores; others are not recent graduates. Some people have zero research experience; others don’t have not US clinical experience. They can still match if they work on other aspects of their applications.

Email me right now and tell me about your application and let me help you match in your first choice program.