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Most IMGs have similar applications. We have all given USMLE steps, done observerships, some volunteer work and worked in research projects.

Yet only some of these IMGs match and others keep applying every year.

Yes, USMLE scores play a role. Yes, research is important. But I had very low scores and very little research.  I had to figure out ways to make my application look strong to match in Internal Medicine with other high scoring IMGs.

Now I am an assistant professor in a university program. I read many CVs and Personal Statements. I see a noticeable difference between applications of AMGs and IMGs.

And I see some common mistakes IMGs make every year. 

Key mistakes in writing ERAS CV
  • Generic language ('history taking', 'physical exam')
  • Lists observerships, research etc. without highlighting candidate’s strengths
  • Does not make application stand out in a pool of thousand other applications
  • Proof reading and grammatical errors

Sign up if you want help with your Personal Statement and ERAS CV

Here is how I can help you with your CV/ERAS application:

  • ​Make you stand out among thousands other IMGs
  • Highlight your strengths without being dishonest
  • Re-word current accomplishment to demonstrate knowledge/fitness of residency 
  • Discuss your CV on skype if needed to enhance certain aspects. 
  • Proof read multiple times and use softwares for advanced grammatical corrections. 


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If you are not satisfied with initial draft of your PS/CV  and want a full refund on your money, I understand. No hard feelings- I will return your money. 

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