The “Savage” applicant- multiple red flags and yet he matched.

Mentorship for IMGs seeking US residency

The story of PK, the ‘fighter’ IMG.

I meet an applicant or two like this every year. There are red flags in their profile. But, I can almost guarantee they are going to match. These IMGs have a drive to match like no one else. They will go to great lengths to achieve that. There is a lot to learn about success in residency match and life and in general from these IMGs.

Here is an example of one such IMG:

His name is PK. He found my website AlphaIMG and sent me an email asking for help. His profile is as follows

Step 1: attempt
Step 1: 220s
Step 2CK: 210s, CS: pass
Step 3: pass
YOG: 2012
Research: poster presentations, 1 published paper
USCE: 1 externship in local clinic, 4 observerships in inpatient/outpatient setting.

As you can see, PK has a decent profile but with some major RED FLAGS. And because of these red flags, he failed to match for past 2 years.

He gave himself one more year to go all in as far as effort, time and money spent on pursuing his dream of residency in the US. If he does not match this year (2018), he is going to apply for PhD in some research related field.

PK has managed to receive one interview this year. He wants to make sure he impresses the hell out of them in the interviews. So he reached out to me to help him train for the interviews. He skipped the Skype interview training and decided to meet me in person for interview coaching and an observership with me.

PK started his observership with me on the day we had decided. I can instantly see that his work ethics and dedication was unlike anyone else. He was on time, impeccably dressed and ready to work. He did great in his observershp. I not only gave him a great LOR and trained him for his interview, I called up my buddy who was a former resident of the program he was interviewing at in 2 weeks and asked him to let PK rotate with him for 2 weeks and call up the program director before PK’s interview.

That is why I can guarantee PK is going to match with an attempt, old YOG, unable to match for past 2 years and only 1 interview. He was ready to do whatever it took to achieve his dream.

If you are feeling down about your chances of matching and are serious about being a physician in the US, don’t let go just yet. Give it one more shot and let this be your best shot ever.

Go all in before you go out.


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