US clinical experience

US clinical experience is one of the most important part of your application. 

A good US clinical experience will get you matched in a residency spot.  

Other benefits of a GOOD USCE are 

- provides confidence for interviews 

- opens doors for other observer ships and externships

- networking during a good USCE in a major institution helps in getting research experience. 

I have mentioned it before. The biggest reason I got 14 interviews when I applied for residency and matched at my top choice despite having very low scores was good US clinical experience. Not only did I get a strong letter of recommendation, I was able to use my first USCE towards other rotations and research positions creating a succession of opportunities that built up my CV beautifully and helped me get matched. 

But a lot of US clinical experiences that IMGs are able to get these days are in smaller clinics who focused on specialized fields of medicine like endocrinology,cardiology, rheumatology and others. These don't provide the broad experience you need to get ready of residency. Also, they carry less weightage if you are applying for residency in generalized fields like internal medicine, family medicine, psychiatry and pediatrics. Interal medicine program directors are looking for clinical experiences in major institutions in internal medicine. Same with program directors of pediatrics and so on. 

Unless, you are interested in cardiology after residency and have many other clinical experiences and research in cardiology, your observer ship in cardiology carries little weight when you apply for internal medicine and no weight when you apply for pediatrics or psychiatry. Infact, it may harm your chances. 

This opportunity is for you if you are serious about matching this year. Here is what you will get out of one single rotation: 

- A strong extensive clinical experiences in a major university hospital in the US

- Possibilities of other rotations including  externships after completing the first rotation.  

-  Explore research opportunities during your rotation. 

- Free interveiw preparation coaching (Value $450) and free help with personal statement and CV writing (Value $500) 


- 1 on 1 coaching for your residency application (My goal is for you to match!) 

- A strong clinical experience that you can boast about during your interviews.

-If  interested, we will explore opportunities to pursue research at the university for you while you are here. 

-Chance for more rotations after your first if you are applying to other fields. 


If interested, send me an email at